Hajar opened the bag and gasped at the shockingly scanty black dress. “This is little bigger than a bathing suit. Mrs. Kerr. I thought I had made myself clear about boundaries.”
“Why yes you did, my dear, however, it seems that there has been a shift in the balance of power.”
“I don’t understand.”
“You’re a brave woman and I have no illusions that pushed too far you would die before violating your misguided moral code. What was it again? No murder, no sex, no corruption of faith.”
“Where are you going with this?” Hajar asked as a cold knot formed in the pit of her stomach.
“You care for sweet Megan. I’ve watched as your relationship has blossomed over the past few months. It’s almost like watching a mother-daughter relationship. That was a mistake. You cannot even entertain the thought of killing me now, because of what that poor child would suffer. She has just cost you what little control you thought you had. Checkmate, Hajar.”
“Oh, no, Mrs. Kerr. Please, no.”
“For daring to think you could dictate terms to me, I’m going to break you, once and for all. You will seduce the good doctor to get his code on The Book of Xanadutha. Then you will take your gun and kill him. I expect photos and a severed finger as proof of his execution. After your cold-blooded murder, I’ll find some appropriately humiliating way for you to renounce your faith. Do you have any objections, Hajar?”
"No, Mrs. Kerr."
"I didn't think so. Now hurry along, Hajar. I can't wait for you to return and I can break you properly."

​Coming soon...
The Witch Tattoo

Inky Snow considered the existence of a soul to be ridiculous…until someone stole hers.​​

Private investigator, Ina ‘Inky’ Snow, loved wayward spouses, identity theft, and greedy employees dipping into the till—after all, her client's problems was money in her pocket. A resourceful actor with a razor-sharp mind, vast improvisational skills—along with a complete disregard for the law—Inky Snow was relentless. If you needed the truth, and were willing to pay for it, Inky was more than happy to deliver.
The last thing the intrepid detective expected was to be ground zero of her very own dark mystery. An eccentric client, a missing two days and a mysterious case has Inky scrambling for answers—little realizing that she only has a few hours to solve this knotty puzzle, or this mystery will be her last.
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Dead Ends

Dead Ends

Dead Ends

Dead Ends

Death was only the beginning….

The Great War over, Commander Jabal Shann, of the Azurean Sky Navy, creates a revolutionary star drive aboard the abandoned seven kilometer-long battle carrier, The Blossoming Flower, in hopes of creating a new age of galactic exploration. Little does Jabal realize that he, along with a small group of misfits, are key players in an audacious plan to prevent an invasion from outside our universe.
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​"Jabal, I didn’t want your damn device to work. Never did. If I could, I would toss a grenade into the thing. Hell, if I knew what I was doing, I would take down the engines permanently.”
“You would strand us out here in the boonies?”
“I enjoyed being alone with you in this floating palace and held tight to the hope that one day you would come to your senses and love me like I love you. Even though you know that I am the only one who truly loves you, you will never allow yourself to be mine. When we get home, you will be a national hero. One of such magnitude that unfortunate schoolchildren will have to do dull boring reports on your life a thousand years from now. However, Cerin is right. The military will snatch your new toy away before you can blink. You will never explore anything galactic, but be tucked away in a lab somewhere to rot during the day. At night, you will go home to a pathetic, spiteful mate who does not appreciate what an extraordinary kenan she has. For the sake of your stubborn, goddamn honor, you will suffer a cold, calculating wife that you will never completely trust. How you can have love without trust, I cannot understand. I do not belong in that world. I have decided that I will not waste one second more chasing after you. If you will excuse me, I have to get back into shape if I am ever to re-join the Law Enforcers.”
Sakuna turned on her heel and walk out.
Jabal watched long after she left. He felt a huge knot in his stomach as he fought the urge to run after her.
“She’s right you know,” Cerin said.
“I didn’t ask you,” Jabal replied.
“Funny thing is, you know everything she said was the truth, but you are still plowing forward, full steam toward the brink of a thousand foot cliff.”
“It’s my duty, damn it,” Jabal said.
“Your duty won’t keep you warm at


The Ark

For the House of Seth the end of the world was only the beginning.

In an antediluvian world, as modern as our own, humanity is fighting and losing a ruthless war with a hybrid of human and angel—a savage race called the Nephillim. Disgusted with rebellious humanity and the amoral giants, the Lord has decided to destroy all life on earth and orders Noah to build the Ark.

Lucifer, to prevent the advent of the promised Messiah—who will come from Noah's bloodline—has warned the Nephillim of the coming cataclysm. Plotting the destruction of the Ark, the Nephillim will make certain that when the waters recede, it will be they, and not humanity who inherit the new world.

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Caught between Heaven and Hell, Hajar's freedom could mean the end the world...
The powerful champion of a fallen angel, Maggie Black was betrayed and is now the slave of  a sadistic witch.  The evil woman changes Maggie's name to Hajar, which means forsaken. Once a hero, Hajar now serves the capricious whims of her new master, committing audacious crimes to fund her new master's lavish lifestyle. When all seems lost, hope arrives in the form of a world-weary adventurer, Gideon Kane who will move heaven and earth to free Hajar...even if it means trading his life for her.

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